Club Capital can only invest in organisations that meet all of the following criteria:

If your organisation does not currently meet the eligibility criteria but you are actively taking steps to become eligible, we are able to consider an application. Help will be available to make the necessary changes.

British Gymnastics

Your club is a registered member with British Gymnastics, and continues to be for the duration of the loan.


Based in England.

An incorporated organisation.

Set up as a regulated organisation such as a Charitable Company, Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Community Interest Company or Registered Societies which pursue charitable objectives OR

Another type of incorporated organisation that:

  • has a mission and asset lock;
  • has restrictions on profit distribution; and
  • is for public benefit and transparent.

Social impact

Your primary activity is the delivery of structured recreational gymnastics to children and young people.

You use the British Gymnastics award scheme to record the progression of gymnasts through each level.


You are able to make the capital and interest payments without putting the club under undue financial stress.

As part of the process the Club Capital team will assess whether the proposed loan is affordable.

Support available

Our FAQs have more information to help you understand if your organisation is eligible.

If you are not currently eligible but want to be, for example if you do not currently meet the organisation criteria or if you don’t currently use the British Gymnastics award scheme there will be help available to make the necessary changes.

If you have any questions please get in touch.